Bozhena Fuchs (b. 1987) is an artist currently living and working in Prague, Czech Republic.

   While she paints many different kinds of subjects, the seascape is her greatest love. It’s no wonder, since artist Bozhena Fuchs was born in Kherson, an important port on the Black Sea and on the Dnieper River, and the home of a major ship-building industry.
   She gains inspiration from the beauty of untouched nature and the power of our civilization. Using intense brushstrokes and movement she's trying to capture the vitality, the singular moment in time. 
   Her goal is to evoke a sense of energy and life. It can be found only through creative search. The painting becomes a place of the collision of rationality, learning experience and spontaneity and in this way it really opens and breathes.

   Bozhena earned a Bachelor of Social Sciences from Uzhhorod National University in 2006.


   Bozhena's work hangs in private collections around the world, including Europe, North America, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Currently, Bozhena's new works are represented by the following online galleries:

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